Tuesday Netball Courts at GMH Park

The courts can be tricky to find, so on your first visit, leave yourself some extra time to find them, and plan carefully!

These are the directions to the courts at Waterloo. The courts are nice when you get there, and they aren't too hard to get to either, once you know your way. That's the confusing bit. Allow yourself an extra ten minutes the first time.

The first thing to know about them is that they are next to the Imperial War Museum (IWM). That helps a lot. One thing I didn't know the first time was that the IWM is in a park, so it really doesn't matter which way you approach it, you can still get to the courts, which are in the same park. It is called Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. However it is best to enter the park from St George's Road and then the courts are on your left.

There is a map below, but if you want to find it on your favourite map, the War Museum is at postcode SE1 6HZ and the courts are just behind it, as described below.

There are loads of different ways to get there depending on where you are coming from.

From Waterloo:

You need to walk (or bus) down Waterloo Road. It isn't far - about half a mile. At the end of the road you'll come to a T-junction and you'll see St George's circus to your left. (It's a roundabout with an obelisk in the middle.) From the T-junction you cross over, go left to the roundabout and hard right onto Lambeth Road. Head down to the intersection ahead where the park is, cross over to it, and walk left down the footpath and then right into the park at the gate by the bus stop.

If you want to catch a bus it is two stops from the stop over the road from the Jubilee Line exit, or concourse exit 2. Barely worth it if you're coming to Waterloo by train or tube. The second stop is just before the T-junction mentioned in the last paragraph.

From Holborn / Aldwych:

I mention this as it is how I do it. I catch one of these buses from Holborn: 1, 68, 168, 171, or 188. These go through Aldwych and Waterloo and stop at the stop mentioned above. So I stay on for two more stops and walk.

The 59 also goes through Holborn and Waterloo, but instead of heading down the same way as those buses, it goes to Lambeth North and then past the IWM, so that looks like being a great bus from Holborn. Door to door!

The stop you get off at is slightly past the park, but only slightly. It is the first one after the one nearest Lambeth North tube, and after getting off the bus you double back a little, head to the right into the park, and then basically follow a path to the right behind the museum. I'm no longer convinced this is a lot better than any of the other buses, but it works.

From Lambeth North tube (Bakerloo Line):

Come out of the tube and turn left and walk down the road. Although you will want to cross it at some stage, and outside the tube is often the easiest place. The road forks after a few hundred yards and you should head right. At the next large intersection you'll be in front of the park. Cross over to it but continue along the same road to the entrance by the bus stop, and the courts are no the left.

From Elephant & Castle tube (Northern Line - City Branch):

E&C is the closest useful station really. It has two exits. This set of instructions is for the exit by the Northern Line platforms.

The tricky bit is getting across the roundabout. It looks easy as you come out pretty much looking over at the way you want to go. But do not try to jump the fences and jaywalk across there. There is no future in that!

Underneath your feet is a tunnel over to the road, but it is tricky to find. Come out, go left, and immediately down some steps on your left. At the bottom, go left again past some stall, and after them you'll see the tunnel entrance. Go straight through (even these tunnels have tunnels). At the end turn right up the ramps onto St George's Road.

Head along St George's Road on the left until you get to Geraldine Street. Turn left there and you'll quickly see the entrance to the courts on the right.

From Elephant & Castle tube (Bakerloo Line):

Coming out of this exit is much easier. Even when I come in on the Northern Line, I go to the Bakerloo Line platform and exit from there.

Exit and you want to cross straight over the road. This time you don't need tunnels, so use the lights and go over. You want to head left, but there are some tunnel entrances to get around. Do so and then follow the footpath to the next road and head right. This is St George's Road, and you're on the right hand side.

Cross over further up, and head along St George's Road on the left until you get to Geraldine Street. Turn left there and you'll quickly see the entrance to the courts on the right.

From either exit it isn't more than five minutes at a brisk pace.

From Southwark tube (Jubilee Line):

The Jubilee goes to Waterloo, but this station is a little closer. Not a lot, and getting out of the JL at Waterloo is fairly easy, so it probably doesn't matter.

However, if you want to use it, come out and head south down Blackfriars Road, which ends at St George's Circus. Here you veer right onto Lambeth Road, which is smaller. Not the main road to the hard right.

Lambeth Road takes you to the park. Head in and stay left.

Buses travelling down Blackfriars Road include the 45, 63, and 100, which all come from the city side of Blackfriars Bridge. So if you work around there that would be the best way. Take any of these buses to St George's Circus, and walk from there.

My Map!

I made this with Google's help. It should show Waterloo and Southwark at the top, Elephant and Castle at the bottom right, and Lambeth North in the central left. The IWM and the courts are at the bottom slightly to the left of center. Click the Map and Satellite buttons if you want to change the view, and click the blue and red tabs for the labels, if they're not obvious.

View Waterloo Courts in a larger map