About the Demonettes

What We Do

We’re a netball club. We have around 70 girls playing in teams of various standards playing in leagues of different levels. We run training sessions as well, and trips away to weekend tournaments, which, whilst offering plenty of netball, also tend to be a fairly social weekend away. In general though, there are…

Two Ways to Play

We offer two different way to play netball. One is simple and just offers matches on Tuesdays, whilst the the other has trainings as well and is more involved, but offering a greater level of netball involvement.

Both are lots of fun, have plenty of social occasions, and there's plenty of cross-over between the two branches. And plenty of girls play both!

Tuesday Netball

The midweek season runs pretty much all year round. We play in various grades at outdoor courts near Waterloo in a competition run by One Netball. We generally have four to six teams playing in any given season.

On the whole the netball is competitive at whichever level the team is in, but we try to keep it very social as well. The setup is fairly informal - there are no training sessions, just matches. Girls just wear club shirts and either shorts, skirts, or skins, depending on the weather, but there are no strict rules on dress. Nails and jewellery do get checked though.

We have a local pub we go to after games some weeks and we organise some nights out at our sponsor, The Dime, as well.

Weekend Netball

The weekend season runs from August until May, with trials in June or July. Matches are played every 2-3 weeks, so the commitment isn't to play every Saturday. However we do have midweek trainings for this part of the club at a court in Brixton.

The competition we play in is in Croydon, in south London. Again it is outdoor netball. It sounds far but trains from Clapham Junction or London Bridge only take 10 minutes to East Croydon station.

The weekend competition is more organised than Tuesdays, with dresses being required, as well as affiliation with England Netball, and promotion and relegation between seasons. Again we try to keep it social and organise parties during the season.

A lot of girls play on both Tuesdays and Saturdays, but you can play either. Please get in touch if you'd like and more information.

A Brief History

The club was formed in 2004 by the guys at our brother club, the Wandsworth Demons. They're an Aussie Rules club based in Clapham, and they decided it would be handy for the girlfriends of their players to have a netball club at which to play and socialise.

So the club was formed and the teams have been playing ever since, though we are no longer just a club of girlfriends of the guys, we are a large sports club in our own right.

The original teams were entered into a local competition on Tuesday evenings in Pimlico. Since then we have also played in Wimbledon, and generally for the last five years, Waterloo. In 2009 the club also took on a more organised approach, joining a more senior league in Croydon, and have grown to having up to four teams at various levels there.

And over all this time, girls have come and gone, joined, rejoined, and played a lot of netball. The club is by no means Australian, with less than half the girls being Aussie or Kiwi.