Courts at Shirley High School

Shirley Church Rd, Croydon, CR0 5EF

Getting to East Croydon

Taking a train from London to EC isn't too hard, and there are a lot of them. On top of this, they're usually fast. About ten minutes from Clapham Junction or London Bridge, or fifteen from Victoria.

From CJ or Victoria, the trick is to avoid trains which terminate at East Croydon, as these are generally the slow ones which actually take about half an hour. Fast trains should generally only stop at CJ between Victoria and EC.

Getting the Bus

After exiting the station the bus stops are over the tram tracks and on your left. They're labelled E1, E2, and E3. It's simplest to catch a bus from E1. Any of the buses from there, the 119, 194, or 198, go to near the school.

If you notice a 466 heading to the stands though, you can catch that as well from stand E3.

Finding the School

Shirley High School is on Shirley Church Road just by a church! The bus will travel for about ten minutes to a built up area called Shirley. Listen for a stop called Trinity School. You want the stop AFTER that one.

You'll have just gone through a large roundabout. Unless you were on a 466, go back to the roundabout, cross the road at the pedestrian crossing to the left, and follow the road ahead that way. If you were on a 466 your stop was just up here already.

Just ahead is Shirley Church Road on the left, The school is down there maybe 500m on the right. Opposite a nice old church. The courts are fairly obvious when you go in the school driveway, on the right.

Handy Map!

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