The Charter School

Directions to the Met League home court at the Charter School in Dulwich

The training courts in Dulwich are really nice and in a very nice school in a lovely part of London. The main court is indoors and the back-up one is outdoors, though still undercover. At first glance the school seems difficult to get to but once you've been there once and know the way it isn't that bad at all.

The address is The Charter School, Red Post Hill, London SE24 9JH

Getting there from Zone 1

Well this is the bit that scares people: You can't get the tube there. However it is virtually on the doorstep of a train station, and it isn't hard to get to at all from town.

So here are some easy options...

London Bridge

If you can get yourself to London Bridge, then North Dulwich is 15 minutes away and direct trains leave every ten minutes. So a 6:30pm train will get you there with time to change if training is at 7pm. Even including the time to get to London Bridge for that train, that's pretty good.

It is on the Zone 2/3 boundary, so you can consider it to be in either. That's handy too.


Even closer by train times than London Bridge, it is a nine minute train from Victoria to Herne Hill and they leave every 15 minutes. This station is also in both zones 2 & 3.

Herne Hill is not as close as North Dulwich but it isn't far. It is half a mile or 800m. It's a ten minute walk down Half Moon Lane. Worth it just for the name.

This train only stops once, at Brixton, and after that it is only two more minutes. So if you can get to Brixton more easily than Victoria, it's an option. Although the tube and train stations at Brixton are not the same place, they're a few minutes walk.

Thameslink stations - St Pancras, Farringdon, Blackfriars etc

Straight to Herne Hill, as above. Five or six trains per hour. Very fast. 20 minutes from St Pancras. The school is only four miles south of the city, so getting there isn't really all that time consuming!

Peckham Rye

This station is on the line between London Bridge and North Dulwich. Which seems pretty irrelevant as nobody has heard of Peckham Rye. Well, almost nobody. But the newish London Underground line from Clapham Junction to Surrey Quays and beyond passes through it, allowing for an easy interchange and opening up a bunch of other options.

Clapham Common/Clapham Junction

See the #37 bus notes below.

Inside the school

You normally enter the school by the main entrance which is to the right of another entrance usually gated closed. When you enter through the main entrance (driving or walking) in 100 yards there is a little intersection. There's a road to the left and one straight ahead. You want to go left.

That leads in about 150 yards to a T junction with the sports hall on the right past a small car park, and the other gated entrance on the left. If you're driving you can use the car park.

Getting Home Afterwards

Well, if you live somewhere for which travelling back along any of the lines above is the best way home, then just take the above advice backwards.

For those of us who live more south-west, then it might well be easier to take the bus...

The 37

This amazing bus line visits a where's where of suburbs on it's way to Putney Heath. It'll pass through Brixton, Clapham Common, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth and Putney before heading out to the wild lands of the heath where there are leprechauns.

I don't know why tourists don't just get a ticket for this bus and see the sights. In any case, it'll get most of us home. The bus stops literally 100m from the gates of the school on Red Post Hill. Another cool road name. In fact the stop is by where it meets Half Moon Lane.

The P4

There's another bus which passes by. It goes to a bunch of places I don't know much about, from Brixton, past the school, and then east to Lewisham. If this is of use to you then please consider moving.

The Map

Thanks to Joey for his help with the map!