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What are these for?

These calendars above can be shown above in any combination, just press Show or Hide at the left and they'll be shown in the calendar above. This is great for a quick check to see what's going on.

The main reason they're here though is that they'll integrate into your personal calendar application and if you choose, they'll update automatically when we make changes.

How to use them

Depending on how you keep track of your affairs you'll probably use a PC calendar application like Outlook, a web based one like Google Calendar, or simply use your phone. If you don't really bother, or have a One Direction calendar on your fridge, I suggest you look into Google. I use them for the calendar and contacts only, you don't have to worry about the email.

Whichever you use, the idea is to look for the option which allows you to add a calendar using a URL. Then select the calendar which best suits you from above and get the corresponding link. You can add more than one.

If you download a calendar, it comes down as a file which you can probably import into your calendar, but it won't update.

Google Calendar / Android

I find this the best to use as items are immediately available to view on my phone as soon as I add them my PC. Or vice versa. Works immediately with Android devices but also can be synched with iPhones.

To add one of our calendars, use a PC and go to your calendar page. To the bottom left there's an Other Calendars section. On the dropdown on the right, select 'Add By URL' and paste in the calendar URL above.

Outlook (On a PC)

Ensure you're looking at calendars and the Home ribbon. There's a dropdown under Manage Calendars - Open Calendar. Select 'From Internet' and enter the URL.


I don't have one. Not sure how they work. Someone let me know!